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Early Stage Portfolio

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Short term positions in small early stage ASX companies with high potential, near term catalysts. These high-risk, high-reward generally focus on early stage resource exploration.

6-12 Months

Opportunities Portfolio

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Special opportunities across a broad range of sectors at an early stage of growth with strong management. Seeking 1000%+ returns across a medium to long term hold

3-5 Years

Growth Portfolio

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Longer term positions in a variety of sectors. Seeking strong management where traction has been established and the company is entering the growth phase.

4-7 Years

Expert Insights

We have been investing in the small cap market for 20+ years and use our experience to select and invest in small cap stocks that we believe have a high chance of success, and then share our research, analysis and investment strategy with our readers.

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Our Process

We review over 400 investment opportunities per year. On average we make just 10 investments.

We Looks After:

  • Great management with integrity and a successful track record
  • Top class projects vetted by our trusted industry experts
  • Undervalued companies that have been unfairly priced by the market
  • The right capital structure for sustainable share-price growth
  • Best in class Environment,
  • Sustainability and Governance (ESG)

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